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Osceola County, Florida

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Precinct Committee: Tom & Melody Bernal

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Your local Democratic Party


The county level of the Florida Democratic Party is known as the Democratic Executive Committee (DEC). Attend your Osceola County Democratic Executive Committee monthly meetings  to get in the loop on the activities of your local Democratic Party. They meet on the fourth Thursday of the month at 7:00 pm, see their latest Facebook Events for location. After three consecutive meetings you can apply to become an official member of the Osceola County DEC, which gives you voting rights to make your voice heard in the party.

What is the Precinct Committee



The Precinct Committee is charged with community outreach. We act as your connection to the Democratic Party. Your Precinct Committee-persons are Melody and Thomas Bernal. We live in this precinct and are eager to serve our community. If you have any questions about elections, the Democratic Party, candidates, government, or politics we are here to help.

How to get active


There are many ways to get active, some are more involved than others



These are just a few ideas. Find a way to get active that fits with your lifestyle.